Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No "What If's"

Where has these last 2 months gone??? I'm here! How are you?! Here's a little of what's been going on with me!

No “What If’s”
 Going for my dream is something I’m doing. I don’t want it to be one of those things I look back at in 20, 30, 40 years and wish I would have done differently. If it doesn’t work out I can always go back and take the path society tells the youth they should, college.  And as my father tells me,  I’m not going to fail at this; I’m going to be doing what I love the rest of my days. So with that, about a year ago I decided to throw myself completely into following my bliss and becoming a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor. It’s been exciting and difficult, especially at first. I had a lot of people judge me and wonder what I would become. To be honest I ask myself that all the time, but it’s a healthy way to refocus. As time has gone on though I am amazed at the number of my friends in college, at the barn (Goose Creek Stables and Templeton Equestrian) , at work (AutoZone) or just people I meet and get to talking to, who give me support and wish it was them following their dreams and making a career out of what they love. My response, why not? This is your one shot in life, why waste your days doing something you “like” or even “dislike” instead of “love.” And if I could through in a little relationship advice here, I think what I just said applies. My friend Johnny once told me “there are too many things in life that are mediocre; love shouldn’t be one of them.” That touched me and I fully believe in it. To take it one step further, don’t let your career be something you settle for.
    The next couple months will consist of more hard work for Titan and I then we’ve ever experienced. I can't help but be excited! By the way Titan greets me everyday I’m sure he’s excited too! Off to CO in the middle of June, Fast Track in July and then I’m working on Dave Ellis’s ranch in Aug! Yeeehaww am I excited! During the Horse Expo in Albany OR in March, I met Michael Sparling, he talked about how he was going down to LS Ranch in CA to manage it for Dave, he encouraged me to email Jody, Dave’s wife, and see how I could get down there. Well, I’m going! I can’t describe how excited I am to do hard work on that ranch. Most call me crazy. I love it.
   My brother Steve Chianello, a Mona Vie distributor and a very knowledgeable man on nutrition, has been extraordinarily influential for me the past couple years. He has helped me make decisions for my life to set myself up to become a happy successful woman. He is always there understanding and dishing out advice, not necessarily when I ask for it but when I need it.
    SO many people I could list on and on about how they’ve influenced me whether you were a customer of mine at AutoZone, a co-worker, that hobo I met last weekend, a close friend or a family member, can I just give a big shout out, THANK YOU. Thank you, whether you support my dream or think I’m crazy because I won’t live with “what if” you’ve given me food for thought and I’m going for this!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Happy February all! In the last month I have read some really great blogs. I would like to share a couple of them.
"Barefoot horse blog" is one of my favorites. Lucy is a barefoot trimmer who writes about different cases which are very interesting and you learn alot just by reading and looking at the pictures she takes.
Another favorite I like to read and learn from is Horse Harmony in one blog post Madalyn Ward DVM, wrote about why horses have clicky or crunky bone noises. Which I had always wondered!

  As for my personal adventures, I have been BUSY! I love being occupied and having so much to focus on, especially when it is something I enjoy. School was always tough for me because I never saw the point and could never convince myself I had to do the work. But now, going to work at the autoparts store, working for Parelli Natural Horsemanship online, and practicing with my horse for the Fast Track is really something I enjoy doing.
  First a quick blurb about my AutoStore job. I love the guys I work with they are all nice to me and make me feel like one of them and apart from the occasional jerk that comes into the store the customers respect me too. Except for the other day when this ancient looking old man came in and I greeted him and asked if there was anything I could help him with...he looked at me, then at my store manager, and said "well who's going to help me more, then man or the woman?" I was dumbfounded that he would say that out loud, i mean ya i can tell some old fashion guys come in and you can tell they are thinking that but really, who says that?! My store manager shook his head and said "she'll help you sir" So grudgingly he made his way over to me and I put on my happy helpful face and attitude and helped him. Got him the right parts and information and out the door. I was hard for me not to say anything at the snide remarks he made to me throughout the time i helped him but now i feel good i didn't say anything and maybe just maybe he felt bad about his comment after i surly proved it wrong.
Ok on to horses!
  I took Titan ( my gelding who I'm taking to the FT ) and Bayli ( my mare, who I'm trying to lease out so that she gets equal love! ) down to my friends indoor arena, Charlie Johnson 1 star instructor (2 star soon!) and his wife Tina have a lovely little barn called Goose Creek Stables where they practice Parelli Principles in everything they do.
Anyway, I took the two of them down there and it was a fun adventure! Bayli doesn't go out as much as Titan so this was good for her. She is really good about coming to me right away if I have her at liberty in an arena, and Titan is usually great too. This time however he decided he didn't want to come to me when i asked. So I worked with Bayli in the middle of the arena and he kept trotting around us. Now he could have run over to the side where the other horses where but he didn't. Instead he went around to every obstacle he could find that he knows i would have asked him to do. He would look at me, trot over to the pedestal and stand up there like a proud lion. Then when i didnt pay attention to that he trotted over to the barrels, looked at me, jumped them, looked at me again as if to say "hey look mom I'm doing everything LOOK at ME!" haha it was so darn cute i then asked him to come to me and he ran over all happy.
  Then tonight was the first time I rode Titan bareback and bridleless! He did so well. I love working with him, he tries so hard for me. If only I could get everyone to do Parelli so that they too could find the joy others have when their horses trying as hard as mine does for me.

Well bye bye for now!

All of you have a savvy month!

~Gina Chianello
Parelli: A natural approach to horse training!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First blog is about me... and why I'm blogging for you!

Hello all! Some of you might know me in person, some might know me from Parelli Natural Horsemanship, some might know me from comments on your blogs, and some may have just randomly found my blog. All ways of coming to my blog "Just Horsing Around With Gina Chianello" and reading this is great. So for my first blog I thought I would re-post some "About Me" type blogs I wrote from last year.

Also, I would like to tell you that the main purpose of this blog is to share other blogs that I come across that I think more people should read or just look at some fantastic pictures or videos. Nevertheless, if it's on here you should check it out :)

For now here is a little about me and what I've been up too these past 6 months.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? You can find me on:
Facebook; Gina Chianello-Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Twitter; GAChianello
Parelli Connect; Gina Chianello

Meet Parelli Social Media Intern Gina Chianello

by Gina Chianello on July 13, 2010
No GravatarMy name is Gina Chianello, I’m nineteen (now 20!) and I’m from Oregon. I graduated from LaSalle High School and I’ve finished my first year at college. I have always LOVED horses. I started taking riding lessons when I was 8 and when I was thirteen I got my own horse. Titan, my (14.3hh 800lb) gelding, had just turned 2 and he was, and is, the love of my life. We were fortunate enough to find a natural horsemanship trainer right around the corner from my house who was Parelli based. My Mom took me to a clinic and I knew this Parelli thing was for me.
Today, Titan (now 16.1hh 1,300lbs) and I are still growing in our relationship and working on level 3. My mare, Bayli, and I are rounding level 2. We’ve been learning at a steady pace and as Pat says, “If you take the time it takes, it takes less time.”
I’m currently a social media intern for Parelli at Parelli Central in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I’m enjoying this opportunity to see Parelli from the inside and it’s nice to know that the Parelli I fell in love with at age thirteen is just as wonderful as I had imagined it. The other interns and I are helping out the social media team by commenting on blogs, helping out Facebook, Tumbler, Parelli Tube, and other channels. It’s exciting to be a part of helping humans help horses and changing the world by spreading the word through the internet.
The past two weeks of working here has been a dream, there is so much support for what we are doing. As well as my family, friends, and my boyfriend Jake cheering me on at home.
Colorado is so beautiful and if anyone gets a chance to see the Parelli Campus, don’t hesitate. I still get goose bumps driving up to the lodge for meals and seeing the students, Externs, Interns, and Proteges all come together. So far I’ve been in Pagosa Springs 4th of July parade, went to the town Rodeo, hiked all over the ranch, had the opportunity to help with the Parelli games, and just enjoyed the atmosphere of the ranch.
My adventure has just begun and I’m excited to tell you all more soon!
~Gina Chianello
Parelli social media intern Gina Chianello training her horse Titan with natural horsemanship
Parelli social media intern Gina Chianello training her horse Titan with natural horsemanship
Parelli social media intern Gina Chianello riding her horse Titan with natural horsemanship
Parelli social media intern Gina Chianello riding her horse Titan with natural horsemanship

What I actually do at Parelli Central!

by Gina Chianello-Parelli Natural Horsemanship on Thursday, July 29, 2010
You can thank Jamie Weigel for this post! She suggested I explain to people what it is I do as an intern for Parelli Central. I'm not you're normal intern for Parelli. I'm not building on my horsemanship skills persay nor is my work based out on the ranch. I work at 7 Parelli Way in the building specifically for Parelli Central. As a representative for Colorado put it, "this building is like the pentagon, you see the building and you know Parelli employees are inside but you really have no idea what they're doing in there!"

Well, If you haven't had a tour of Parelli Central, ( which we give all the time and If you are in Pagosa Springs CO anytime, we give tours 8-5 Mon-Fri) I will tell you what I do and what the other departments do. We have LOTS offices here. Downstairs is customer service, so if you have called to Parelli those are the wonderful people that help you. The stock room is where all you're Parelli items are shipped from. The manufacturing stations where they make the items you buy. And a big welcome room with couch and T.V. (a nice place to eat my lunch and watch Parelli DVD's, hehe) Up stairs we have Mark Weler's office who is the President of Parelli if you didn't know. The Accountant office where they take care of the finances, they have the best view of outside, ( jealous!) Tech room where they create the websites and keep things running... actually it's kind of a mystery what else they do in there, I might have to do some investigating! The Media department which is big. They do the filming, editing, recording etc. lots of cool stuff in there. Also a great place to assemble office chairs, which Brett and Kerrin will attest too. Then there is the Social Media offices and that's where I work!

We have one of the most important exciting jobs. The interns Kerrin, Sharon, and I are constantly reading and commenting on blogs that we find on the internet. Let me tell you, everyday there are thousands! Talk about a never ending job. We like it though don't get us wrong, we love reading about your journeys with PNH or Natural horsemanship, or eventing, or endurance or western horsemanship or WHATEVER you blog about! We also each have our own little channels we look after. Such as Facebook, which is mine right now. So I check Parelli's Official Facebook page and if people have questions, comments, concerns I try to answer everyone's posts. I also set up the posts that Parelli makes and have someone read over it tweak it and then as Brett says " Fire away! " and those are the posts you see Official Parelli make. Right now if you've sent a YouTube video in for the Call to Action you've come in contact with Kerrin, If you've written a blog or sent pictures into Tumblr for Parelli, then you've been in contact with Sharon! Brett and Elizabeth also do everything I just mentioned. They over see things we do and help us with ideas. Brett does most of the Twitter stuff and research for more social media updates and breakthroughs. They also take care of other requests. Like Elizabeth helps out with graphics and E-news. Mackenzie, is doing the graphics for Parelli and usually Nicole does graphics as well but she just had a beautiful new baby girl! Sabine does all the E-news and is occasionally Mark's assistant.

Whew, I could write more but i might bore you!

I know from working here for a month now, that everyone in this building wants to help every customer they come in contact with. I know if any of you have any questions I'm going to try and find the answer and get back to you as soon as I can. I really enjoy interacting with people and making them feel comfortable with asking me questions or making a statement.

So that is what I do for you at Parelli Central. And with that, If you have any questions... LET ME KNOW! I'll be glad to help all of you :)

~Gina :)

My Parelli Central experience

by Gina Chianello-Parelli Natural Horsemanship on Thursday, September 23, 2010
       Not too long ago I was a lost college student in Oregon, with a dream of getting a chance to be involved in something I love and wanted to do. Now, I am here back in Oregon. Back to my job as a customer satisfaction employee at an auto parts store. Back to school at Community College. Back to my friends and family who eagerly awaited my arrival. Back to the life I was comfortable in. But looking back at the last 10 weeks of working for Parelli Central, as a social media intern/ working student, I’m thinking that my dream is being fulfilled. As I prepared myself to work at the Performance Summit, I tried not to think about the end of that experience. Everyone at Parelli assures me this will not be goodbye, but hello to the start of a life long relationship with the people who make Parelli what it is.

I know where I want to eventually end up. I want to be a part of Parelli, a part of helping change the world for horses and humans. I will take this experience as a stepping-stone for my life and how I want to live. There is something about being around like-minded people that gives you the courage and the strength to find what you want to do and do it! I have great support. My family for one, who have been very supportive, even though they saw my life going in another direction. I’ve made amazing relationships, whether online, at the campus, in the Parelli Central offices, or my lovely cabin mates, Kerrin and Sharon. I feel like they need a special mention because they lived with me basically 24/7 for the past 10 weeks. Let me tell you, that isn’t always easy! They were there for me when I was up and when I was down. True friends last forever and they are just that. It’s amazing how close you become living in a cabin with no electricity. Haha.

I have learned a lot about social media and how important it is. One thing that I will take away is “consistency” and keeping things going by maintaining something once you start it. This can apply to my personal life and horsemanship as well as building a business. There are so many things that have sparked my interest over the past 10 weeks that when I went to write them down it took up 2 pages! A couple are, I am starting Parelli Play days a Dressage barn, I’m learning how to trim my horses feet, and I’m helping my friend, Charlie Johnson, a 1 star Junior Instructor Trainee, get his social media going!

I will still be reading a few blogs and staying in touch with all those relationships I’ve created!

Going back to the life I was comfortable in is nice, no doubt, but now I have so many goals I want to achieve. Time and money being the only object. Everything happens for a reason and if I want it, I can make it happen. I feel I have grown as a person in every way. Thank you Parelli.


And that is it for now!
Stay Savvy!
 ~Gina Chianello
Parelli: A Natural Approach to Horse Training